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Frequently Asked Questions


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash or Check.
Our payment policy is;  half down deposit and remaining balance due upon completion. 
If your furniture is not picked up or scheduled for delivery within 3 days of completion it is subject to a storage charge of $3.50/day.

How long will it take to repair my items?

A simple loose chair re-glue typically is back to you with a couple of days or so, the same goes for most simple cosmetic repairs we see coming in. The more complex or involved repairs of badly damaged furniture can be in our shop for a couple of weeks, even up to a month. It is best to discuss your project with us to get a better idea your timeline.

Do you offer Pick-up and Delivery?

We do offer both pick-up and delivery of your furniture. The Pricing is based on mileage, size, and number of people needed. Inquire for pick-up and delivery costs for your project.

How long will it take to refinish my items?

The refinishing process on average start to finish takes 4-5 weeks.
During our busy Spring/Summer seasons it can take up to 6-8 weeks.
Contact us for a current timeline on furniture refinishing.

Do you offer upholstery services?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer upholstery services, but we can refer you to a few different local upholsterers that we work with frequently and schedule their work around ours. Making it simple for you,  just the way it should be. Call 978-567-8700 for a referral.

Can you replace my furniture hardware?

Yes, we work with our clients that are looking to replace missing or damaged hardware, or that want to update the style with completely new hardware. The sourcing and installation of hardware is an additional cost added to your balance.

What is our process for refinishing?

  1. Email your full name, address, and best contact number, along with photos of the furniture piece/s you want refinished and your goals for the project. *if more info is needed you will be contacted to clarify.

  2. Estimate provided by email, if further inspection is needed an in-home estimate can be scheduled. In-home estimates are now $25.00, if we do the work estimated the $25.00 is put towards your bill. So it really only costs you if we don't do the work.

  3. Furniture is dropped off, or picked up to start working. Along with your half down deposit.

  4. Your furniture is labelled and the hardware is removed, bagged and labelled to avoid lost items. *if repairs are needed, they are completed at this point before stripping.

  5. Your furniture is then stripped, using our flow-on system, we do not "DIP" furniture. After stripping your furniture is rinsed and squeegeed off, then your furniture is left to dry for multiple days before being worked on.

  6. After drying, your furniture is then moved to our prep-room, where it is inspected and then filled, sanded and prepped as needed before your color appointment.

  7. You are contacted to schedule your color appointment, this is where you come to our shop and choose your stain or paint color.  *not necessary for pieces being painted if you have already decided on the paint color.

  8. After the color appointment your furniture is moved to our spray booth to be stained and finished or painted. Then is set aside to dry for a few days.

  9. You furniture is then re-assembled and hardware is placed back on, before a final quality control inspection. 

  10. You're contact to either pick up your furniture or schedule your delivery.

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